The vintage decoration has been at peak popularity for some time now. Since it became fashionable, we hear it everywhere these days. This style has many references to the past, we can see it for example combining original pieces from the 50s and 60s, with new or more modern ones to create rustic and cosmopolitan environments. A sofa can be the protagonist, but so can a desk or a chair… If you like this style, don’t miss today’s post, because at Real State, we tell you how to give your dining room a vintage style.

When we talk about vintage decoration we place it as a single category, but the reality is that there are different styles of vintage decoration, for example, vintage rustic decoration is not the same as vintage industrial or classic. These categories are basically grouped according to time, country, or the area where they were developed.

Start with the simple: Furniture

What is clear is that if we call an object vintage it is because it is or reminds us of something old. So for your home to have a vintage look, you should start by putting up antique furniture. You can easily find second-hand bargains and start your decoration. To begin with, you can buy a classic or antique sofa or armchair, and if you are not convinced, you can renovate it. It would look great in the dining room!

Customize with the DIY method

If you don’t like the dumped armchair you have in the guest room, or that desk you keep in the storeroom, don’t worry, we’ll bring you the solution.

If you prefer to save money, we bring you this practical technique so that you can customize your unused furniture without having to spend money. Furniture with rubbing, pickling, or imperfections in the paint achieve the antique look that we associate with vintage. So it’s as easy as painting them with a specific paint and stripping them yourself with simple sandpaper. Do you like the pickling effect?


All you have to do now is polish off the final details. When it comes to giving your dining room a vintage touch, furniture is as important as decorative details. You can decorate with antique items such as a record player, an antique phone, posters or illustrations from old pin-up magazines. Do you want to give it a fun touch? Use bottles of drinks or glass soda and use them as vases.