The NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) or Foreigners’ Identity Number is a unique and exclusive personal identification number assigned to foreigners who have economic, professional or social interests in Spain.

Foreigners can apply in person to the Directorate-General of the Police, directly or through Spain’s consular offices abroad.

It is easier to obtain the NIE in the country of origin, preferably requested one to two months in advance. One only needs to contact the embassy and once the appropriate documents have been sent and the application has been processed, the NIE will be sent to your home.

To apply for the NIE in Spain, it is necessary to first arrange an appointment, both for citizens from inside and outside of the European Union.

The documents necessary for an NIE application for citizens of the European Union are the following:

  • Proof of prior appointment
  • Passport or identity document from your country of origin (copy and original)
  • Form EX-15 of application for the NIE.
  • The completed and signed Modelo 790-012 form.

For citizens outside of the European Union, in addition to the aforementioned documents, must bring a certificate of legal registration.

In addition to this documentation and depending on the particular applicant, one may have to present additional documents to justify one’s NIE application, depending on whether one is working, studying or training.

It is very important to bear in mind when presenting documents from other countries, that they must be translated to Spanish or the joint official language of the region in which one is applying.


Once one is in possession of all these documents, one may visit the Directorate-General of the Police or a Foreigner’s Office (Oficina de Extranjería) to have the application processed.

If you have any questions, please consult the website of the Interior Ministry or the Ministry of Employment and Social Security



The Golden Visa or Spanish Investment Residency, was created with the passing of the Entrepreneurs’ Law (Law 14/2013 of 27 September, to support entrepreneurs and boost internationalisation). The objective is to facilitate and simplify entry into and residence in our country through the provision of visas and residency permits, which are valid throughout the national territory, to foreigners from outside the European Union who are not entitled to the rights of free movement and residency and who purchase property located in Spain. Where this is the case, the investor acts in the capacity of a normal or legal person.

One of the defining characteristics of these visas and permits is that by reducing the periods of time taken by the relevant authorities to provide them, the acquisition process should be streamlined for non-EU investors who satisfy the requirements of Law 14/2013.

An investor will be entitled to request a property investment visa, which will be sufficient to allow residency in Spain for at least one year. Investors will also be able to request visas for a partner and any children under the age of 18 or who are over this age but economically dependent on the main investor.

In order to obtain the visa, the applicant must prove complete ownership of property in Spain of a value equal to or greater than €500,000, in addition to fulfilling the general requirements of entry and residency for foreigners who do not intend to engage in paid activities.

The initial residency permit for investors will last for two years. Once this period of time has elapsed, any investors wishing to remain in Spain can request a renewal of the investor residency permit for the same two-year period.