The best cities to invest in Property in 2018

Considering that in Spain, people most generally prefer to purchase their houses rather than renting them, one might think that this option is more profitable for us.

It is, in fact, the uncertainty of the markets which may make us to want to find a better choice to invest in, and the purchase of a house emerges as a right option, even more so considering that the purchase of a property for its subsequent rental is on the rise in recent months.

The smaller size apartments seem the most interesting ones, and in most province capitals, the average size is around 55 square meters. Nonetheless, there are also exceptions, such as Lleida, where the average flat for sale has around 160 square meters.

Obtaining the higher profitability out of an investment depends heavily on a number of factors that we must keep in mind when buying a property for, afterwards, renting it, such as if it has an elevator or how many rooms it has or the condition of the house.

The cities that show higher profitability and a significant positive trend with respect to the previous year are Madrid, Málaga, Valencia and Alicante.

The housing shortage in the capital city centres makes people increasingly interested in buying in the ‘suburbs’; this is what happens, eg, in Madrid. In the case of Barcelona, ​​the interest is also shifted to residential areas such as Baix Llobregat and Vallés. Valencia and Alicante, though, have very competitive prices in their downtown areas and Málaga is noteworthy due to the relevance of its district of ​​La Malagueta.

To avoid unnecessary risks, best advice is to resort to the help of experts. They will assess all the data and will recommend you the most suitable investment to your profile and to your needs.