The real estate market in Italy is still on the upswing

According to the regularly published figures and statistics by the Italian Ministry of Finance (Agenzia della Entrate), the number of real estate transactions in Italy increased again in 2018. Compared to the figures from 2017, the rates of increase have been repeatedly realized, especially in the north and in the middle of Italy, from 6% to 7%.

“The difficult times for the Italian real estate market in 2007 and 2012 are almost completely absorbed” says Mathias Fürlinger – longtime specialist for Italian holiday properties at realestate-dreams.

“we can see a continuous increase in value for properties in unique or tourism-related locations, unimpressed by any crises in Italy, the European Union or the world,” adds Fürlinger.

The currently more difficult political and thus also economic prospects might have a slowing effect on the growth in real estate values, especially for the market of Italian holiday properties, so the tenor of the experts.

The supposed crisis can also be used as an opportunity. Many rare, unique, and often long-term family-owned, luxury Italian properties are being offered at moderate prices nowadays – and in the medium and long term, property prices will certainly pick up faster again.

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